About us

StingOrg is a consulting company specialized in in Quality management, Process optimization and Lean management. We partner with organizations in the Life sciences, Automotive, and Aerospace industries, guiding them on a journey towards self-optimization and responsible leadership.

We help create organizations that improve themselves.

StingOrg was founded in 2013 by Dipl.-Ing. Malte Stöckert , together with Rolf Eickmann as partner in Bremen, Germany. Both bring a combined +25 years of experience in automotive and medical device industries.

In 2017, the second office was opened in Böblingen, near Stuttgart, with Kåre Sten as Head of the branch office. In 2020, StingOrg obtained ISO 9001:2015 certification . In 2023, the third branch office was opened in Hasselt, Belgium.

The Team

Biography Malte Stöckert

Malte Stöckert is the founder and Managing Director of StingOrg. Throughout his professional career, he has acquired outstanding expertise in problem-solving. He is well-versed in the quality and production requirements of manufacturing companies and, over the past decades, has successfully executed solution-oriented projects in the product development and post-market process domains with his team. His deep understanding of interpreting and implementing industrial norms is exemplary – quality is practically ingrained in his DNA. He excels at creating straightforward environments that vividly illustrate to all users why a qualitative approach makes sense and what practical benefits can be derived from it.

Our Values


Our dedication to project execution, from start to finish, highlights our commitment to achieving the highest standards.


During setting and pursuing of objectives, transparency creates the necessary trust, allowing us to cope with major changes.


Compared to the task, our customer and team are essential prerequisites for us. Without them, project success cannot be accomplished.