our approach

“Long-term success for a company hinges on its ability to evolve into a learning organization. We have developed our consulting services in such a way that your employees learn something new during our joint project. They will become able to apply autonomously what they have learnt and pass it on to others. This boosts motivation and creates a reservoir of expertise within your organization.”

Rolf Eickmann

Early after the project’s kickoff, we collaborate with you to identify and train the appropriate experts within your organization. At the end of the project, we hand over the work to these experts ensuring that the initiated change process doesn’t linger and leads to lasting improvements.

In execution of our team leadership and/or coaching services, the focus is on people. We don’t just apply methodical problem solving.

We keep an eye on every single team member as well as you as a team leader or CEO in order to lead your company to a sustainable solution.

We are part of your team and pull together with you. It is therefore particularly important to build a trust relationship with you. In this way you can discuss sensitive topics such as interpersonal problems within or across your departments with our consultants.

“This is how we offer our customers a chance for sustainable change and how we create organizations that improve themselves.”

Malte Stöckert

Our strengths

Project management

To all our services, we apply strict project management principles. Our experienced project managers oversee and execute transformational initiatives, ensuring seamless implementation and adherence to established goals and timelines.

Practical know-how

Through years of working experience in the relevant industries, our consultants have acquired in-depth knowledge, problem solving abilities, technical and decision-making skills

Change management

We are people-oriented, build trust relationships and spread the new vision both horizontally and vertically within your organization through moderation and communication.

Ways we support you

We tailor the modality of our consulting services to your needs and budget. We can tune the approach from “do it with you” to “do it for you”. As desired, we can work on-site or remotely, or in a hybrid formula.


We provide personalized guidance and mentorship to key individuals and teams, helping them develop the skills and mindset necessary for self-improvement and sustainable growth. We support you from the sideline.

Operational involvement

We actively engage in the day-to-day operations of your organization, working closely with your teams to identify opportunities for optimization and improvement and also implement them. Or we just lend you an extra pair of hands (and brains).

Full team leadership

In cases where it is beneficial, we can take on full leadership of teams, providing strategic direction, motivation and guidance to achieve overarching objectives.

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